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The big challenge is; we are conditioned to believe, as our society has taught us to believe.
Example; we no longer believe the sun revolves around the earth, or the earth is flat.
This leads to our view of our world, and how we BELIEVE things work. Could it be different?
Things are not always as they seem. Today you are another day older, and another day wiser.
Each time you read this you collect more insights and information.
Remember you were taught everything you BELIEVE you know.
Do we really KNOW anything, or do we just BELIEVE we know?
Explore with an open mind and we often arrive at a different conclusion.
Explore these ideas with an open mind and see if there is the possibility that they apply to you.

Which is nothing more than realizing - Change your thinking, change your life.
"Our Actions follow our Beliefs and they produce Consequences, in all areas of our life"
"The Franklin Reality Model" A+B=C change what you Believe and you will change your Actions (responses to events),
Changing your Actions (Responses) will change your Consequences (Outcomes).
A different outcome places you in a different position for the next circumstance (this is your life).

Happiness comes when we feel empowered with our choices, not victimized by our circumstances.
Studies show that by choosing to focus on what we have (gratitude), not what we do not have, we are happier.
The magic happens when we realize that the only person we can really do anything for is ourself
(not in a selfish way, but an empowering way).
We give because it makes us feel good, or we are attempting to manipulate.
When we do anything and we feel good about it, especially when no one knows we did it, that is the empowering choice, “you can’t please everyone, so you have got to please yourself”,
as the Rick Nelson “Garden Party” song goes.
It is from inside, not from outside you, if it comes from outside, you have given away your power of choice.
Given away your power to change your circumstances, changing your mindset to the victim mode.

Can someone else do your push-ups for you, eat your food for you or anything else for you, and have your gain the benefits you would gain, if you do them for yourself.
They might be able to do it with you,  or inspire, encourage, educate and support you, in doing what is good for you.
However it is you that must choose to do it.
Always be a student not a follower, follow what you believe is the right thing to do in a certain circumstance.

We grow by doing ourselves, not in having someone else do for us.
We do grow even faster in a nurturing safe environment.
I learned we have TO BE - TO DO, and we have TO DO - TO HAVE,
and we can BE, DO, and HAVE all that we CREATE, the world owes us nothing.

We are taught these learned helplessness ideas. Follow the money; it will lead you to who is doing the teaching.

"Few things help an individual more than to place responsibility upon them and to let them know that you trust them."
- Booker T. Washington, 1856-1915, Educator and Writer 

Life Seems to me to be Deceptively Simple:

It is YOURS good or less good, OWN IT, and make of it what you will.

Think about it; is it even possible for anyone else to live it?
Can anyone do your exercises & have you gain the benefit?
Every moment we spend thinking about what we can't do.
Is a moment taken away from doing and enjoying what we can do.


We are born, we live, and we die.
All religions profess to believe that (at least physically). 
Without waiting for a later reward live the life in front of us (NOW).

Now all of that being said; this is the model I try to follow, it is a journey.

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