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You and your family deserve to be healthy, happy, and safe in your home. Let AHealthyHappyHome in Depoe Bay, Oregon, conduct a home health inspection to help you improve your home life.

We take a holistic approach that looks at the people, the building, and your living conditions. The entire home system relies on each of these elements. Since 1986, we have been helping individuals and families make their homes a healthier happier and safer place in which to live. Let us help you too.

Healthy Happy Home Inspection
We conduct a complete inspection of your home. Our inspection targets:
• General Maintenance
• Moisture
• Humidity
• Cleanliness
• Mold & Mildew
• Tripping & Falling Hazard
• Pest Infestations
• Waste Disposal
• Contaminant Exposure
• Lead Paint Contamination
• Chemical Exposure
• Ventilation
• Air Quality
• Radon
• CO
• Natural Gas Leaks

Home Health Repair
Once our consultation & inspection is complete, we work with you to fix all of the issues detailed in our inspection report. Our assistance includes education and training regarding the best ways to maintain a healthy, happy, safe home. We can do the work completely, or work with you to ensure it is completed to your satisfaction in a healthy and safe manner.


Toxic Inspection, Home Health Inspection in Depoe Bay, OR

Inspector w/Owners, Home Health Inspection in Depoe Bay, OR

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